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IT basic infrastructure

We have decades of experience inplanning and realizing x86 based systems, including not only hardware components, but even the operating system and other software components.

IT security and firewalls

What we can offer: assessing risks and vulnerability, creating perimeter defence and load balanced environments in regards to redundancy and high availability.


In an IT investment the most important thing is to make our decisions while being in possession of aptly prepared information. We take the responsibility of assessing requirements and preparing decisions off our clients' shoulders.


With many years of experience in this field our colleagues can easily overcome upkeep problems that arise on a daily basis. From only a few hours of upkeep advisement to managing fully outsourced systems, our engineers are at our clients' service.


Our experience is monitoring managed systems increase IT efficiency. Statistics obtained from these systems contribute to good strategic decisions.

Web applications

We provide a professional online look for you or your company. Our young team of highly trained professionals can provide a stable background to our developments in every aspect of webdesign.


Innovative solutions that prove to our customers.

Deploy Framework

Deploy Framework

the web core solution



A djbdns extension



Iptables/netfilter wrapper


Know us

  • Our Beginnings


    Our Beginnings

    "There are customers who are not satisfied with mediocre IT solutions, but are looking for outstanding, unique solutions"- this thought brought Sitedesign.hu to life. We developed customized web applications for the first partners, who are still with us today.

  • Born of a business

    November 2015

    Born of a business

    A dream came true: the earlier idea was molded body as a business from the end of the month - extending our activity to many areas of the IT.

  • The webframework

    February 2016

    The webframework

    The first productive version of our web framework has been completed. Today, this is the foundation for many of our clients' web applications.

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    Of Our

Our amazing team

With our high level of professional knowledge we support our partners to reach long-term successes.

Olga Szikora

Olga Szikora

customer relationship manager

Krisztián Csányi

Krisztián Csányi

CEO, systems engineer

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We are proud of that over the years, the following partners have honored us with their trust.

ESO Body & Box Club

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