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Welcome to our wonderful world. We sincerely hope that each and every user entering our website will find exactly what he/she is looking for. It will tell you lots of interesting things about our company, its products and services, highly professional staff and happy customers.


Our goal is to develop long-term cooperation with our customers in order to best serving their needs, with advanced IT solutions help their everyday lives.

Who we are

We belive in open source solutions, in the sense that open source software is accessible and modifiable by everyone. We belive that this way better software can be created. In this manner we can offer manufacturer independent solutions - for a competitive price.

our services

IT basic infrastructure

We have decades of experience inplanning and realizing x86 based systems, including not only hardware components, but even the operating system and other software components.

IT security and firewalls

What we can offer: assessing risks and vulnerability, creating perimeter defence and load balanced environments in regards to redundancy and high availability.


In an IT investment the most important thing is to make our decisions while being in possession of aptly prepared information. We take the responsibility of assessing requirements and preparing decisions off our clients' shoulders - all the while taking into consideration the aspects of business and information technology at the same time.

Outsourcing, administrate and monitoring

With many years of experience in this field our colleagues can easily overcome upkeep problems that arise on a daily basis. From only a few hours of upkeep advisement to managing fully outsourced systems, our engineers are at our clients' service.

IP telephony

IP telephony provides high level communication services independent of the location. Even while on the road you can make cheap calls from your device with internet access.


We provide a professional online look for you or your company. Our young team of highly trained professionals can provide a stable background to our developments in every aspect of webdesign.


Virtualization is today's fashionable term which has become synonymous to cost effectiveness. In every case it is about the distribution of resources, whether we talk about server or application virtualization. We are at your disposal should you be interested in virtualization! Feel free to contact us!